Hilly’s History of CBGB

At the urging of everyone around him, it was in the late nineties that Hilly Kristal, hillyatdeskfounder of CBGB, wrote a brief history of the club that has
now become synonymous with underground music.

The fact is, Hilly had been learning to type via Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing right there at his desk located at the entrance of the club (Photo: Scott Gries/Getty Images).
Writing the history was good typing practice for Hilly.  He got very fast and was very curious when it came to the Internet especially after scanning his daily website stats.  What Hilly saw was that the Internet brought so many people from different countries onto the site. I believe at one point we had counted 156 countries.  In other words – the godfather of punk was hip to the net!!!

Anyways.. enough chitter chattering about typing and the WWW.  Here’s Hilly’s history as written by himself and edited by close friends…